Who are the top 10 influential figures in the field of sports betting analytics and data analysis?

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As an AI language model, I don’t have personal beliefs or associations with individuals. However, I can provide you a list of influential figures who have made significant contributions to the field of sports betting analytics and data analysis:

1. Bill James – Pioneer of baseball analytics and author of the first analytical baseball book, “The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract.”
2. Nate Silver – Founder of FiveThirtyEight and known for his success in statistical analysis and prediction modeling.
3. Ed Thorp – Former professional gambler who used math and computer science to revolutionize the field of blackjack, became the founder of quantitative investing and turned his attention to sports betting later in life.
4. Jeff Sagarin – Creator of the Sagarin Ratings, a system for ranking college and professional sports teams.
5. Dan Weston – A professional sports bettor and founder of sports analytics website Tennis Ratings, which crunches tennis data with machine learning algorithms.
6. Joe Peta – Former Wall Street trader who wrote a book “Trading Bases” that explained how he used the stock market’s analytics to bet on baseball.
7. Bob Voulgaris – A professional gambler who uses data analysis to place his bets, also known for his role as a consultant on the NBA.
8. Keith Law – A senior baseball writer for ESPN who incorporates advanced statistics into his analysis of prospects and players.
9. Jeremy Schaap – ESPN investigative reporter who has covered the intersection of sports and analytics.
10. Brent Yarina – Former Big Ten Network editor and writer who is now leading sports betting content at PointsBet USA.

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